The story of the Duel Monsters, starting from the Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, a young man who came to visit Yugi's grandfather's game shop shop, inside the store he saw a very legendary card / Rare, told there are only four pieces in the world, Namely Blue Eyes White Dragon which one of them is owned by grandfather Yugi (given by the friend's grandfather). The young man intends to buy / redeem this card with the entire contents of his suitcase but is refused, the next day Yugi is amazed at this rare card, secretly bringing his grandfather's card to school. Seto Kaiba knows that, secretly swapping with counterfeit / pirated / counterfeit cards (but Yugi knows and defeats him in a battle). Yellow Dragon's Blue Eyes Card belonging to Yugi's grandfather was actually a gift from his grandfather's best friend. Giving the card is a sign of gratitude for his grandfather's friend for helping him when trapped in one of the ancient Egyptian sites. Grudge against this humiliation, Seto Kaiba then made a Duel Arena and forced Yugi's grandfather to fight, and he managed to win this fight with 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon cards earned with his power as leader of Kaiba Corp in a mysterious and cruel way (never Explained how), then he ruthlessly tore off his Blue Eyes White Dragon card of Yugi's grandfather so only Kaiba has 3 original Blue Dragon White Eyes cards left in this world. To see Kaiba so cruel, so to bear to torture his own brother (Mokuba Kaiba) Yugi then intends to fight revenge, to realize that it is wrong, before he was given a mysterious deck of his grandfather, and passed the obstacle of the puzzle obstacle that existed before face the final Boss, Kaiba Seto, was finally able to defeat three Blue Eyes White Dragon (one of the biggest ATK monster of the time), who had been summoned into the arena, with only one foul attack from Exodia (and Seto Kaiba, Shock and lame).


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