Hiyori Iki is a regular junior high school student until she was hit by a bus while trying to save the life of someone wearing a sports jacket named Yato. This incident turned him into a half-ghost. As soon as he knows that Yato is a god. He is finally dragged into the world of the Gods and at the same time must maintain his existence in the human world.

Yato is a god of war who is trying to build his own temple. In the past he was known as the god of disaster. He was wearing a sports jacket and fluffy scarf. He calls himself "Yato God". His Shinki (weapon possessed by gods) goes to find another job, he becomes unarmed until he meets Hiyori and Yukine. He calls himself "delivery god" and often attaches or writes his phone number in public areas for people who need help. He usually asks for a fee of 5 yen - a value that the Japanese usually give when praying at the temple - and he will do anything for 5 yen. He has good skills in academics and sports. Since he has ceased to be a god of disasters because of his dislike of violence, he is often forgotten by men. This makes him afraid of being a forgotten god, because this is how he values ​​Hiyori. After receiving work from Hiyori to restore him to normalcy, Hiyori becomes frequently involved in Yato and Yukine's activities, and even saves both of Yukine's actions that cause the blight on Yato. As time goes by, Yato becomes worried about Hiyori's life, but at the same time he is also afraid to be forgotten by him, to the point where Yato continues to follow her and feel jealous of her interactions with others. Despite being his best chance to be normal again, Hiyori refuses to break his ties with Yato, he promises not to forget himself and build a small temple for her. Yato promised that he would be the person who made Hiyori happy.


     Hiyori is an ordinary junior high school student (then first year of high school). After saving Yato from a car accident, she has trouble falling asleep suddenly because her spirit comes out of her body and becomes half ghost. Hiyori became frequently involved in Yato and Yukine activities. He is very tied with Yato, can even recognize it only from the scent alone. Despite having a chance to be normal again, Hiyori refuses to break his ties with yato for wanting to spend more time with him. He even promised not to forget it and would make a small temple for Yato.
     He is Yato shinki at the moment. His name as shinki is "Sekki", which takes shape as a katana. He died aged with. He meets Yato on a roadside that is still shaped like a fireball or a spirit that makes him have not had time to feel the life of school. Although Yato was his master, he showed no respect for him, but in his heart he respected him greatly. After Hiyori's rescue, he becomes more obedient.


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