Gon's adventure to become a Hunter begins by taking a series of strange tests, such as walking through dense forest, fighting other fellow, hunting wild boar, running and cooking. During the Hunter Exam, Gon meets three new friends: Kurapika, Killua and Leorio. The first known "antagonist" is Hisoka. Hisoka, is a psychopath who uses the card as a weapon, and he regards Gon as "a raw fruit" and kills Gon now only in vain. In the final phase Hunter Exam, Killua faces his brother Illumi, who makes Killua must go home before completing the Hunter Exam.
Gon Freecss 
A twelve-year-old boy who wanders to find his father who has long gone and never returned.Gon has a very sharp sense because he is used to living in the forest and is not afraid of monsters.Gon very innocent, kind and loyal comrades.He met With killua on the hunter test and since then Gon and Killua became good friends, besides he also has 2 other friends that is Kurapika and Leorio.Gon have Nen type Kyoka, or amplifier, which is often used specifically by Gon to launch a pun Very strong.Jurus special is Jajanken
Killua Zoldyck

The child of a proffesional hit-and-kill family is well known and feared by many. Has a very cool nature and likes his own. He met Gon on the hunter test, but unfortunately he was disqualified in the first hunter test due to the pressure of his older brother, Illumi Zaoldyeck. Due to the influence of his brother, after the hunter exam, Killua was forced to return to his home. Because Gon, Kurapika and Leorio's brave determination broke into the Zaoldyeck family's home on Kururu Mountain, Killua eventually came back with Gon, and since then Gon and Killua have never been apart. Killua has a Henen-type Nen, or a transformation. Killua transforms his Nen power into a deadly electric force. Killua has been trained in such a way as to become a proffesional killer, proved by his ability to open 3 gates of his house, which in fact weighs 16 tons. Killua is also resistant to toxins and electricity. Killua also has a technique of light velocity from his electrical stance transformation that he uses against Chimera ants.
Leorio Paladiknight

People who like humor, sometimes even when fighting-he was occasionally joking. A good friend of Gon, Killua and Kurapika. He has an aspiration to become a doctor because he once lost a friend who is very familiar with him, he can not cure his friend. He took the hunter test just because he needed funds to go to college at the medical university, in the end he managed to become a doctor. Leorio Nen Type is Hoshutsu, Leorio shows his Nen's new ability when he strikes Ging from a distance through another dimensional hole when the selection of new Hunter committee chairman left behind Netero
Kurapika Kuruta
This "beautiful" man is 16 years old, he makes a lot of people wonder if he is male or female. Leorio once wanted to ask a guess whether Kurapika was male or female during the hunter exam in the tower trick. People who are very familiar with Gon, wise and always think with a cool head. His insights are broad because his hobbies are reading books (especially history books). However, upon hearing about Genei Ryodan, his emotions and passionate revenge will arise, along with the appearance of his red eyes. Kurapika, as the last surviving Kuruta clan has a red eye that will only show up as she begins to get angry. Kurapika actually has a Gugenka type Nen, (materialization) embodied with a chain that is wrapped around his right hand. But when his red eyes appear, his nen type turns into Tokushitsu, or specialization. When his eyes turn red, his particular ability is to use all types of Nen with 100% proficiency level.


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