Toward the end of the Edo period in the world of Gintama, an extra-terrestrial collective alien species called Amanto (天人) descended to earth, and shortly afterwards, a war called Joui War was made. Many samurai and Joui patriots who joined in this fight to drive Amanto. However, Amantos' extraordinary military might, coupled with the weakness of the Bakufu government, led to the gentle submission of the Shogunate in power, allowing Amantos to invade the earth with ease. The Bakufu government became the puppet government of Amantos', and since then, the Amantos have been able to swagger along the streets of Edo. On the other hand, the Joui rebels who fought against Amantos became the target of the Bakufu government's operations. As part of a campaign of repression, the ban on carrying swords in the public was done, and samurai up to now valiantly lose their fighting spirit.
20 years after the arrival of Amantos, a teenager by the name of Shimura Shinpachi was seen working in a cafeteria far contrary to his wishes. He inherited the dojo from his late father but had very limited sword training, so was unable to awaken the sword skill school. Although a young boy, he still believes in the ancient spirit of the samurai. At this point, an extraordinary character appears before him, a character that still reflects the spirit of the ancient samurai. Shimura Shinpachi decides to work with Sakata Kintoki Gintoki called Yorozuya to learn the spirit of the samurai. Not long after that, an Amanto from Yato by the name of Kagura and Inugami in the form of a big dog, named Sadaharu by Kagura, joined Yorozura.


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