As the Imperialist forces celebrated his victory at the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, Hitokiri Battōsai decided to stop being a hitokiri and he left his sword embedded in the ground. However, Battōsai's katana was taken over by another hitokiri, Udo Jin-e.
A decade later, Saitō Hajime and other policemen investigated the assassins of a police agent allegedly killed by Battōsai. But Saitō is not convinced and suspects that it is all the work of Takeda Kanryū, an evil businessman who produces and distributes opium.
Meanwhile, Hitokiri Battōsai (now calling himself Himura Kenshin) arrives in Tokyo. On the street, he meets Kamiya Kaoru, the owner of his father's Kendo school. Since his family's dojo name had been tainted by one of Battōsai, he attacked Kenshin for believing that he was the famous assassin, but Kenshin said he was a wanderer and simply switched his brother ("reverse eye sword").
Elsewhere, a woman named Takani Megumi was forced to make opium for Takeda Kanryū, but she fled and asked for protection to the police. Udō Jin-e who is under the command of Kanryū immediately hunts Megumi and finishes everyone in the police station. Fortunately, Megumi escaped in the chaos. While looking for Megumi, Jin-e meets Kaoru on the street opposing him to fight. Kaoru who is only a wooden swordsman and has a capability far below Jin-e lost and almost killed, lucky Kenshin appeared and saved him. Jin-e instantly realizes Kenshin's hidden identity as Battōsai before the police entourage storms them, so Kenshin and Kaoru have a chance to escape. Kaoru took Kenshin to his dorm to be saved.
Then, a group of thugs Takeda Kanryu came to the dojo to take over. After opening his true self as a former Battōsai, Kenshin defeated all the thugs without killing any of them before the police finally arrived. Kenshin blames himself for the incident and surrenders himself to save Kaoru's dojo. Immediately, Saitō recognizes him and releases him. Outside, he is greeted by Kaoru who is convinced that Kenshin is not Battōsai who has defamed his dojo and brought Kenshin back to the dojo. Kenshin then befriended Kaoru and the only male student named Myōjin Yahiko.
Still running around the street to save his life, Megumi runs away and meets Yahiko who rescues her and takes her to the dojo and introduces her to Kenshin and Kaoru. Kaoru brought everything to eat sukiyaki at Akabeko's restaurant, then Kanryu came and intended to make Kenshin his men but he politely refused. Here he was challenged by Sagara Sanosuke to fight for the job.
That night, Jin-e committed the massacre and left many bodies of victims. The next day, Kenshin saw the police busy investigating the bodies of the victims of Battōsai's murder. He saw a woman running and crying in the direction of one of the corpses, reminiscing at the same time when she was still Battōsai, where the man she killed left a scar on her face. Later that night, a masked man working for Kanryū warned Megumi of the impending danger.
The next day, people around the dojo were poisoned by well water contaminated with rat poison. Megumi thought this was Kanryū's act and he immediately treated them all. Angry with Kanryu, Megumi intends to kill him, but fails and he is instead made captive. Kenshin and Sanosuke attacked Kanryū's mansion to rescue Megumi. Saitō helped them to subdue Kanryū who was armed with a Gatling Rifle. They manage to save Megumi, but realize that Jin-e, the fake Battōsai and Kanryū's men, has kidnapped Kaoru.
Kenshin chases Jin-e. To further provoke Kenshin, he uses his special stance to paralyze Kaoru's lungs and can only be thwarted by killing Jin-e. After a time-consuming battle, Kenshin finally surpassed Jin-e with his Batto-Jutsu technique and destroyed Jin-e's right eyebrow. In order to save Kaoru, Kenshin intends to kill Jin-e. Kaoru then breathed again and stopped Kenshin's intentions. Finally, Jin-e stabs himself.
The tired and wounded Kenshin, carrying Kaoru to the dojo. They are rested and guarded by Yahiko and Megumi. After waking up, Kaoru did not see Kenshin, then he ran off to find her. Apparently he found Kenshin in front of the house carrying a basket of vegetables, Kaoru was afraid Kenshin left him, then he smiled and said 'welcome back, Kenshin.


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