The story begins in Tokyo, Japan, a high school girl named Higurashi Kagome. He is looking for his cat Buyo who falls into a sacred well, because his sister is afraid to enter. As Kagome reaches the mouth of the well, the centrified silhouette or Mukade Joro emerges from inside Hone-kui no Ido or bone-eater well and attacks it. The demon attacked Kagome who turned out to have a Four Spirit Ball ( Shikon no Tama) inside the body, and was eager to seize it. Kagome is then dragged into the Sengoku or Sengoku Jidai period. Kagome is confused by the circumstances that turn into the forest, trying to find a way out and see a sacred tree (Goshinboku), where Kagome saw a silver-haired man and had an unusual ear over his head. The curious Kagome then finds this man and curiously ears his ears, suddenly he is attacked by the important villagers Kagome is a fox-phantom manifestation. Kagome then meets with an old Miko (Shinto nun) called Kaede, and realizes Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo, Kaede's sister (and also a high-ranking nun) who has died and his body was burned with Shikon no Tama. Kaede recounts how 50 years ago, a han'yō (half-stealth) named InuYasha attempted to steal Shikon no Tama from Kikyo. With severe success, Kikyo manages to release an arrow, to seal InuYasha and make InuYasha sleep eternally and can not be pulled his arrow, except by someone who is as strong as Kikyo himself. Then came Kagome from the present time and pulled out the sealed InuYasha seal, as the Mukade Joro spell reappeared. InuYasha who wakes up again, being unfriendly to Kagome that is similar to Kikyo. One day a group of wicked men came to take Shikon no Tama, and their leader was dead and possessed by a ravenous demon or Shibugarasu. Due to wanting to distract Shibugarasu, Kagome throws Shikon no Tama out and is finally swallowed by Shibugarasu so much stronger and attacks a small child, InuYasha who is impatient, takes out his stance and shibugarasu is crushed and the little boy falls into the river. Kagome who saved him, then looked Shibugarasu back to the prior existence with the help of the Shikon no Tama, and no foot Shibugarashu left on the clothes of the child, then Kagome arrows while tying foot Shibugarasu to his bow, and berhasillah shibugarasu on arrow along with the Shikon no Tama So Shikon no Tama broke it to pieces and scattered throughout the area. Thus begins the adventures InuYasha and Kagome in seeking Ball Four Souls who have become shards. One by one group InuYasha and Kagome increased, from Shippo, Miroku and Sango together Kirara latter while fighting the enemies that appear.


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